Project Ideas

The story I would want to share with the world are the stories of people who were not able to tell their story. The actual mechanics of this are TBD, but I imagine making some sort of creative project that would show marginalized people have had their voices silenced. Maybe highlighting creators who passed way… Continue reading Project Ideas

Radio Listen

When I tuned into Tuesday night’s radio show broadcast, I already knew that hearing my voice or the background static would be weird. I think our radio show came out really interesting and personal and knowing the work that Pablo did to edit our parts together, it was really cool hearing the final piece again… Continue reading Radio Listen


For the first project I revisited the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing assignment I decided to make another logo and I picked the Dell logo. I used photoshop to remove the word “DELL” from the circle and used the Futura ExtraBold font to write MAC and rotate the A similar to how the E is rotated… Continue reading Remix

Weekly Retrospection #8

This week my group and I completed our radio show, The Joy of Music. The video for that is down below. This was an interesting process. I used a lot of Audacity and convertors which was nice because it was the same audio work we have already been doing, so I didn’t feel like this… Continue reading Weekly Retrospection #8

Radio Show Progress #2

This week I met with Alex and Pablo to discuss the main content of our radio show before we recorded. I then recorded my part on my own. I used Audacity to record my voice and other sounds that I needed. I then sent the files to Pablo who is editing our final radio show… Continue reading Radio Show Progress #2

Weekly Retrospection #4

This week was all about visuals. To be honest the star rating system made it kind of hard to complete these assignments, but I am glad that we have switched to a set number instead of getting up to this many stars. I did a photo blitz I created a shocking message I recreated earth… Continue reading Weekly Retrospection #4


When I think of horror, I think of the killer in the shower trope. My first thought was to have 106 written in bloody letters, but that seemed kind of basic. I found this picture online of a serial killer shower curtain that makes it look like someone is in your shower (not sure why… Continue reading 106 HORROR!

Who Runs The World?

Money. Money runs the world. BUT so girls, specifically women, specifically Beyonce. For this assignment, to mess around with money, I decided to replace the white man currently on the bill with someone more relevant, more prophetic…BeyoncĂ©! I used Photoshop to remove the original face, but keep the same frame. I also downloaded a money… Continue reading Who Runs The World?