Radio Show Promo

For my promo for our DS106 radio show, I wanted the design to align with my groupmates’ designs. I also went simple with the design and color scheme. I feel that the monochrome catches the eye without being too overwhelming and the image is super easy to recognize and a little nostalgic. I made this… Continue reading Radio Show Promo

Weekly Retrospection #6

Design is probably my favorite modality so far. I enjoyed reading and watching how designers…design! And the design blitz def made me feel like I have an eye for design. TDCs of the week: For my design assignments, I did a mixed bag using the random tool. I confused people with my combo, Bingoogle. I… Continue reading Weekly Retrospection #6

Design Blitz

Balance: The symmetry of the spoons on this cereal, juxtapose the different grains that are being held very well. The spoons are all facing the same way and the distance apart, but they have things in their spoons that are falling out and that all look different. Yet, they are all balanced, Dominance: This ad… Continue reading Design Blitz

Got to go…?

I did a random assignment again and this one was a throwback. These posters kind of remind me of that Adult Swim bumper trend on TikTok. Same vibes. I thought about what I should put, or get rather. I just kept saying got, got, got, until it hit me. “Got to go?” It isn’t very… Continue reading Got to go…?

Everything not made by nature

Design is everywhere. Every little thing has some sort of look to it. In reading the assigned articles, I am starting to see more and more how design plays a role. Apps have designs, websites, food, clothes…..! “Everything not made by nature” as said in Kidd’s book. Figuring out what something’s design should be can… Continue reading Everything not made by nature