Same story, different link

Stories have shape. The diagram Vonnegut drew when explaining his made-up story really made me think about how many different mediums and sizes stories have. Some stories start in the future, some stories change time, place, and even universes. When comparing this to the Szumer’s piece and the video on the evolution of hypertext, it… Continue reading Same story, different link

Weekly Retrospection #2

For this week’s retrospection, I feel a lot of the work I did I was trying to convey my own beliefs and morals. For one of my daily creates, I made a haiku for my favorite book, Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor. This book’s main character is an empowered African woman and the themes… Continue reading Weekly Retrospection #2

Gif Grief

Gifs can speak volumes even when there are no subtitles. Sometimes you don’t need a whole text to convey an emotion, but people can always misunderstand you. So, having a gif with subtitles allows for no confusion. I knew I wanted a funny gif and this had me on the FLOOR! I just love that… Continue reading Gif Grief

My Own Cereal

This assignment caught my eye when I was scrolling through all of the design assignments to pick from. I was about to make an event poster, but this one seemed really fun and something I have not done before. I am also a huge fan of breakfast and I couldn’t help, but think of the… Continue reading My Own Cereal

Weekly Retrospection #1

Week One’s activities consisted of introductions. Introducing myself to the class and me being introduced to this class. I was surprised by how many different ways I could introduce myself. I kept the content the same, but changed the modality. I really enjoyed making the video because it was not something I had done before.… Continue reading Weekly Retrospection #1

DS106 goals

My goals for this class are to learn to make digital media work for me. I struggle with using the internet from things outside of what I already know and this class is helping me find ways to make my life easier through digital media. I also hope that my final project can be related… Continue reading DS106 goals

The Joy of DS106

The Bob Ross video that I was assigned was the “Golden Rays of Sunshine” video, season 28 episode 4. Two minutes and thirty seconds into the video, Bob Ross shares a story of an art teacher reunion he attended. He talks about a man named Mike Goracke who worked at a paint company, but had… Continue reading The Joy of DS106