A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

For this assignment, I decided to do the A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing assignment! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the image of the Burger King logo, but with McDonalds instead. I decided to take a stab at it and came up with BinGoogle! I thought of two competitors and thought of Bing as a rival search engine to Google, even though Bing is really not a huge match compared to Google, I still would say they are competitors.

I googled what font Google uses for their logo and found it is called Product Sans. I downloaded the font and then got an image of the Google logo from Google Images. I then opened up a new canvas on photoshop and typed, ‘Bing’, into the textbook and change the colors to the google colors. I hope this logo is recognizable as an imitation of the google logo, but I worry it is not as obvious.

I would relate to this our theme because Bob Ross would say that everything is inspiring and inspiration is everywhere. And the McBurgerKing def inspired me.


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