Audio Storytelling

Audio is a medium that I struggle with. Visuals make me feel like my story is not being misunderstood. I feel that sometime it is easier to have visuals with no audio, but harder to have audio with no visual. But, audio can also tell some great stories when done right. Visuals do not always invoke the same emotions that audio can. A change in the music pace, or subtle background noises can tell a lot about the plot and what is happening. In one of Abumrad’s videos he says that radio has been dead and keeps dying, but people keep bringing it back and that resonated with me. Podcasts are huge and so trendy right now. People are getting busier and don’t always have time to glue their eyes to a screen. Audio allows you to cook dinner, clean, or just close your eyes and engage with the story in your own way. Audio also provides creative freedom for the audience like what characters and settings look like. Like most storytelling mediums, audio has it’s pros and cons.

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  1. We’ve done experiments in ds106 in the past where we’ve watched videos without the sound and listened to videos on ds106 radio, without the visuals. Most movies and shows are dialogue-driven, so you can get almost the whole story just by listening. Watching without the sound was useful for focusing on camera and editing techniques, and set, costume and lighting design, but a lot of the story got lost. People actually found it very hard to even pay attention without the sound. It is interesting that you see it opposite. I think we identify with visuals more because our eyes are our dominant sensory input, and take sound more for granted.

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