Design Blitz


The symmetry of the spoons on this cereal, juxtapose the different grains that are being held very well. The spoons are all facing the same way and the distance apart, but they have things in their spoons that are falling out and that all look different. Yet, they are all balanced,


This ad shows lemonade mixed with vodka and I felt that putting the bottle of Smirnoff a little more forward was a good portrayal of dominance because of the literal sense that even a little bit of vodka will dominate that whole glass of lemonade and because it is pictured in a way to highlight how much taller and more prominent the vodka’s physical appearance is.


This box uses all different types of brown with white as the accent color and I love how they all blend together instead of blend in and get lost.


The O in POP is much bigger than the two P’s and is angled in a way to show that the word POP is actually popping!

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