DS106 Final

Final summary:

For my final project, I decided to write an original poem and add a visual component to it. The poem I wrote is about the lack of Black history taught in schools. The title is We Teach We which means that the Black history I learned was from other Black people. I felt that adding the clips where you could hear my voice say the name “Elvis” and then see his face added more power to it. And because I mentioned Frances Harper and Little Richard who people may not know, having that visual was helpful to put the face to the name. I also wanted to add some more audio to enhance my reading of the poem and Gil Scott Heron’s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised provided that enhancement and it is related to my topic. Although the final product is short, the process was long. Piecing together several clips, the audio editing, plus writing and recording my poem all came together to produce the video above. I have pasted my poem below as well. Thank you.


School did not teach me
About several people who have come before
About all the people who have done much more
School did not teach me, so we teach we

Rock n Roll is Black music and has always been
Elvis Pressley took all the credit and fame
while Little Richard has nothing to his name
They will love our music, but not our skin

Women’s right to vote
was secured by more than just Susan B.
Frances Harper fought for every woman’s rights

Yet she is not the one we quote
School did not me teach me, so we teach we
Our education should not have to be a fight

Bisous 🎓

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