Everything not made by nature

Design is everywhere. Every little thing has some sort of look to it. In reading the assigned articles, I am starting to see more and more how design plays a role. Apps have designs, websites, food, clothes…..! “Everything not made by nature” as said in Kidd’s book.

Figuring out what something’s design should be can be a frustrating task. Sometime you know something should have a “formal” or “serious” look to it, but nothing is looking how you imagined. During those times, it is important to look at things for what they are. How would you want this to be advertised to you? How have you seen it designed before?

As mentioned in the Vignelli booklet, appropriateness is one of the key design elements. Knowing what is appropriate and what may be required, helps designers start from the basics and work up. Going too complex right away makes it harder to realize what to take away. Design can be hard, but it is everywhere, so inspiration is everywhere too.

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