Gif Grief

Gifs can speak volumes even when there are no subtitles. Sometimes you don’t need a whole text to convey an emotion, but people can always misunderstand you. So, having a gif with subtitles allows for no confusion. I knew I wanted a funny gif and this had me on the FLOOR! I just love that he takes off his sunglasses then puts his eye glasses, just to make sure that whatever he saw was real. I def would use this as a reaction to something someone tells me or if I see something online that I just can not believe was posted. My first thought was that the man in the gif is probably thinking, “Aint no way!” I remembered a video editing software called VEED that I have used in the past, has a gif option and I went on there to see how to add this subtitle. The process was as simple as adding a textbox onto these sites. I just typed what I wanted and set the duration, text size, font, and style. Now I can use this gif anytime I see something I truly can not believe with my own two eyes.

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