Got to go…?

I did a random assignment again and this one was a throwback. These posters kind of remind me of that Adult Swim bumper trend on TikTok. Same vibes. I thought about what I should put, or get rather. I just kept saying got, got, got, until it hit me. “Got to go?” It isn’t very in line with the real posters, but I wanted to roll with this.

I downloaded the Phoenix American font that was listed in the design bank which was awesome! I found a picture of people rushing and they looked like students. The picture made me think of graduation. It is coming up and I got to GO!! I put the don’t be late because it just seemed right. The haste of the image and the blurriness captures the vibe of this semester. It is moving quickly and does not have time to stay and chat. It is ready and goal driven.

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