Mash Up Trailer

I do not understand how people make videos for a living. Once I finished this assignment, I literally had to put my head down on my desk. There was so many parts to this, I swear this video was like 40 minutes long.

So first, I needed an idea. I didn’t have one. I downloaded the trailer PSD file on the assignments page and messed around with the words on there. I then started thinking about celebrities because I still had Mean Girls on my brain from my last assignment. I was thinking of making some sort of trailer about being in the public eye and how that could be damaging, but paparazzi clips aren’t always the best quality. I still wanted to incorporate that so I found this video clip of cameras flashing and I added this sound of someone say “no” from Freesounds over it and I really liked it! I then wanted to use the song Pretty Hurts by Beyonce which speaks to how women are only viewed for their looks and wanted a video of someone doing their makeup. I remembered years ago seeing a book trailer that had Zendaya Coleman in it and in the trailer she is doing her makeup and getting ready, so that was perfect. I added some title effects and I split and added a freeze frame to the clips too. I then added the PNG of the broken glass and shattering sound from Freesounds to the project. I then found this video on some great scenes in Euphoria which is a show that also stars Zendaya and her character in that show has some ROUGH moments, so it fit the vibe I was kind of going for. For the first clip, I brought back the Beyonce and I added another Freesounds clip of someone saying where are you over and over again. I then added the second clip of her on the bike and extended the music to the end.

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