My Own Cereal

This assignment caught my eye when I was scrolling through all of the design assignments to pick from. I was about to make an event poster, but this one seemed really fun and something I have not done before. I am also a huge fan of breakfast and I couldn’t help, but think of the cereal that I usually eat. I shop at ALDI which is a very cool and very low price grocery store. They are European and carry some name brand stuff, but most stuff is things I have never heard of. Coco rice is the name of the cereal I eat which is just coco Rice Krispies, but for a much better price, so it tastes much better too. I decided to do some word play using my name,Josephine, and make it a little more market-y. Finally, all good cereals have a little catchy logo/tagline like “they’re grrrrreat!” or “snap, crackle, pop!” So I wanted to think of one that fit “my brand” and live deliciously fits because cereal is delicious AND because live deliciously can mean outside of food. Anything can be delicious, not just food!

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