Pop Culture Venn Diagram

There are so many cool design assignments and I couldn’t pick, so I did the random option and this assignment is what I landed on! The pop culture diagram calls for listing three traits and then putting a character who is all three in the middle and finding characters who have the other categories in common.

I didn’t know if I should do the character first or the words first. I decided to just start with a character and I chose

Harry Potter! I opened up Canva and one of their templates to do this! I then thought of three traits to describe Harry Potter, but TBH I have never really fully read the books or watched the movies. I went basic and did black hair, nerdy, and sad backstory. I then thought of characters that have Black hair and are nerdy and thought of

Steve Urkel from Family Matters! Very different from Harry Potter! But he does have black hair and he is THE nerdiest character I can think of.

I then moved away from the hair and onto nerdy and sad backstory. And I had to choose none other than

Spider-man! I feel that a lot of people forget that Spider-man’s appeal is that whoever is in the mask can act the way they want and it is usually is less awkward and nerdy. Peter Parker’s sarcasm was always seen as cynical and annoying nerdy thing, but as Spider-man it is part of his charm and it comes off more “suave”. Miles Morales went to a whole private school which is amazing, but also nerdy. They both lost loved ones in their lives and that loss encouraged them to become Spider-man.

Last, but NOT least is black hair and sad backstory. I had to choose


He and Harry Potter are similar other than Percy not being nerdy. Percy isn’t like cool by any means, but one of the things I always found cool about him was that he wasn’t an academically smart person. I feel like a lot of books and movies want their main characters to be these super geniuses, but it makes them so un-relatable. Percy Jackson though? Super relatable. He was a realist and questioned everything. Not like, why is my dad a God? But like why did my GOD FATHER not ever send us money if he knew we were poor? The real questions.

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