Same story, different link

Stories have shape. The diagram Vonnegut drew when explaining his made-up story really made me think about how many different mediums and sizes stories have. Some stories start in the future, some stories change time, place, and even universes. When comparing this to the Szumer’s piece and the video on the evolution of hypertext, it makes me realize how you can break down anything to it’s bare essentials and rework and move it and it can be a whole different shape. The story I chose to analyze was Cinderella. This was one of the first fairytales I ever learned about and I was interested in how this classical tale would work with digital media. I thought of hypertext work where depending on what you click, you get a different ending. Like one could be Cinderella never going to the ball, but the prince finds her another way. Each ending would end with Cinderella and the price, just different ways. Same story, different shape.

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