Simple, but detailed logo

When I saw this assignment, it reminded me of something I saw once. Someone I followed on Instagram from high school was asking if anyone could make a “snow sports inspired” logo for his podcast on winter sports. This was a few years ago and I could not find anything about his podcast, so I am assuming it’s been waitlisted, but I decided to take a stab at his old request,

First thing I did was open up Canva and write “The Slopes” on the blank canvas. I then searched for a font that was whimsical, but still chill (no pun intended). I landed on this bubbly font called Wedges. I then looked for some snowboards and whatnot to add to the image. I saw this snowboard graphic and realized I can make two of those into a T. I tested out different angles and fonts and loved the way the one in the picture turned out. I was going to end it there, but then I realized the bottom looked like it needed something, like an underline. I looked back at the graphics and saw this ski slope graphic and rotated it soooooo slowly to get it at an angle I was happy with. This is the final product and I am debating sending it to this person and seeing what he says.

I would relate this to our theme because Bob Ross always believed that snow is a beautiful asset to a painting and this logo would not be possible without snow!


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