The Joy of DS106

The Bob Ross video that I was assigned was the “Golden Rays of Sunshine” video, season 28 episode 4. Two minutes and thirty seconds into the video, Bob Ross shares a story of an art teacher reunion he attended. He talks about a man named Mike Goracke who worked at a paint company, but had never painted before. They all encouraged Groacke to get up there and paint, and Bob Ross described it as beautiful. I love that he didn’t make fun of him for getting up there even after giving him a hard time. I can’t say if the painting was actually well made, but Bob just said it was beautiful. I feel that as adults we have a lot of shame in beginning. When we are kids, we start multiple hobbies and don’t care if we aren’t good at it. But, when we grow up we start to care a lot if we are good at the things we like, even if we JUST started it. I feel that if we all embodied Bob Ross’ ideologies on life and how anything can be beautiful, we would all feel less shame.

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