The Way It Should’ve Been

IT Remixed:

Georgie was watching his paper boat glide down the little stream the rain had created along the lines of the road. He chased after it, yellow rain boots and coat sticking out like a sore thumb. His boat turned suddenly. Georgie gasped, he saw an open sewer tunnel and hoped it wouldn’t go there.

His hopes fell short and the second he gasped, the boat made its way down down down. Georgie rushed over and got on his knees to take a better look down the tunnel.

“Hiya, Georgie”

Georgie recoiled, he was greeted suddenly by an intense face with clown makeup on. How did he get there? How did he know his name?

“You want a balloon, kid?” said the face, bringing out a red balloon.

“No thank you, I do not talk to strangers.”

The face frowned, “But, I’m not a stranger! My name is Pennywise!”


“Yep! Now we know each other, so balloon?”

Georgie hesitated. The balloon was red and he did introduce himself…

Pennywise gasped, “Actually I have something else you may want too,” He pulled out Georgie’s paper boat from earlier. It was in mint condition,”What do you say? Reach down and grab it!”

Georgie stared at Pennywise. A balloon and his boat. All he had to do was reach down.

“No thank you. My brother can make me another boat and there will be other balloons.”

He got up and walked away and did not die nor did his brothers and his friends have a 20 year curse on them.

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