Weekly Retrospection #1

Week One’s activities consisted of introductions. Introducing myself to the class and me being introduced to this class. I was surprised by how many different ways I could introduce myself. I kept the content the same, but changed the modality. I really enjoyed making the video because it was not something I had done before. I had trouble with the SoundCloud assignment because I wanted to do some audio mixing, but it did not come out how I wanted. The audio was a little fuzzy and I couldn’t get the music to line up with my voice in a rhythmic pattern. I also enjoyed watching Bob Ross, I have always found him very calming and reflective. I appreciate that he always looks fondly on his past and even when he isn’t explicitly talking to the audience he says really great quotes. At one point in my video, he said that his gesso paints were an open door for imagination and that stuck with me. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted from this class when working on my goals, but I thought about what I have seen and done and it came naturally to me. I would like my final project to reflect my passions and be something that I can expand on outside of this class.

Bisous 🍂

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