Weekly Retrospection #3

This week’s assignments had me reading and writing more than I have in a while. I used to be one of those kids who always reading, but now it is hard for me to even read a book for my own enjoyment because of schoolwork. It was nice to be able to just free write and also free read. I enjoyed reflecting on the readings and videos and had fun analyzing Cinderella through this digital media lens.

As for writing. I really tried to let myself just write without criticizing myself. I made a few vulnerable assignments and two silly ones.

I chose writing assignments that would let me show my personality without being too open. I want to be honest and open, but privacy is also something I value.

I had similar patterns with my DC. I made 1 serious DC from the AI lyric generator. The rest were just to be lighthearted.

Bisous 🌼

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