When I think of horror, I think of the killer in the shower trope. My first thought was to have 106 written in bloody letters, but that seemed kind of basic. I found this picture online of a serial killer shower curtain that makes it look like someone is in your shower (not sure why… Continue reading 106 HORROR!

Who Runs The World?

Money. Money runs the world. BUT so girls, specifically women, specifically Beyonce. For this assignment, to mess around with money, I decided to replace the white man currently on the bill with someone more relevant, more prophetic…Beyoncé! I used Photoshop to remove the original face, but keep the same frame. I also downloaded a money… Continue reading Who Runs The World?


I decided to re-mix one of the photo assignments! Instead of doing grass or the ground, I did the sky with some clouds. I decided that a sky is just as much part of the earth. I found an HD picture of the sky, one without too many clouds, so it wouldn’t be distracting. Then… Continue reading Earth